Within the depths of Southern West Virginia's rolling hills, Curses stand at the forefront of a tempestuous fusion between melody and aggression, pushing the boundaries of their genre with unyielding creativity and raw emotion.

The band – consisting of vocalists Eli Fry and Brandon Casto, guitarist Davey Nicewander, bassist Michael Olivares, and drummer Tyrsson Demarest – found inspiration in their surroundings and drew from their collective experiences. Molded by life amidst the Appalachian landscape and now the coast of North Carolina (following Demarest’s recruitment in 2023), the five-piece seek to give fans a hand to hold through the absurdity of reality.

Curses delve into the abyss of human existence, exploring the desperation of existential dread that plagues the modern era. Their music resonates with a deep concern for the state of the world, addressing these anxieties head-on via a catharsis only music can provide. The band embraces their audience as a beacon of hope, believing in the power of shared suffering to foster unity. Their music serves as a refuge, a safe haven where listeners can find solace and strength within the echoes of their own anguish.

Having since released their sophomore album, "Chapter II: Bloom," under the prestigious Sharptone Records, Curses now stand poised on the precipice of a new chapter in their musical journey. Fueled by a newfound DIY ethos, they forge their own path, driven by an unwavering commitment to their art.